SIS_BDNC_International Programme_16 September 2020


SIS_BDNC_International Programme_16Sept2020

Dear Parents
A whole new Educational Experience awaits you and your child at Singapore International School
SIS conducts educational programmes based on curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education,
Singapore and a range of key learning areas of the International curriculum modified for our
international student community.
Students will receive a SIS Report Card for Semester 1 and 2 listing subjects completed and grades
Students are encouraged to seize this opportunity to sit for the International Primary School
Examination (iPSLE) at the end of Year 6. Our iPSLE Designated Examination Centre is located at
Singapore International School @ Saigon South in Ho Chi Minh City.
If parents wish to seize this opportunity, please make the necessary arrangements to Ho Chi Minh
City and arrive at the centre in good time. More information on the iPSLE will be disseminated closer
to the exam date. Students will receive an iPSLE Certificate showing their results by the Singapore
Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB).
Upon successful completion of the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary
Education) examination, students will be awarded the Cambridge IGCSE Certificate. Thereafter,
students have three options for further study:
1. Cambridge International AS Levels (Year 11) and the NCC Level 3 International Foundation
Diploma for Higher Education Studies (L3 IFD) (Year 12).
2. Cambridge International AS and A Levels taken over two years (Year 11 and 12).
3. NCC Level 3 International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies (L3 IFD) as an
accelerated programme (*subject to age and academic requirements).
Cambridge International AS / A Levels are internationally benchmarked qualifications which provide
excellent preparation for university education, and have widespread international recognition as
education qualifications. The AS / A levels are rigorous programmes that encourage high academic
standards and are offered in more than 160 countries worldwide.
The NCC Level 3 International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies (L3IFD) is a oneyear university foundation course regulated and quality assured by Office of Qualifications and
Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) in the United Kingdom. The L3IFD provides six diploma streams
including Business, Computing, Higher Finance, Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Health
Sciences. The NCC Level 3 International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies
provides students with an internationally recognized qualification for entry to undergraduate study
at universities around the world.
The international curriculum also includes the following:
• STEM Education – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) is a problembased and applied learning approach which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics and is part of the curriculum from Primary to High School. Robotics and coding
are incorporated into the STEM programme as a strong focus.SIS @ BDNC / FACTSHEET FOR INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME / 16 SEPTEMBER 2020 PAGE 2 OF 3
• Outward Bound – The Outward Bound course is designed to build self-confidence and
strengthen leadership skills such as teamwork, perseverance and effective communication and
will be part of the curriculum from Year 4 upwards.
SIS believes in a holistic approach to education and a learning environment in which students are
guided and nurtured throughout their education. The learning environment is carefully designed to
stimulate our students’ developing minds and needs. Activities for the day are varied and are carried
out by the whole class, small group instruction and individual interaction.
Effective communication between parents and the school is also important as the relationship
between parents and school has a direct bearing on the success achieved by students.
We look forward to welcoming your child to Singapore International School.
Thank you.
Class Levels & Size
• Year 1 to A Levels or NCC L3 IFD (maximum 25 students / class)
Session Hours
• 8.25 am (Form class) to 4.00 pm (session hours vary for different levels)
School Programme (*)
Year 1 – 5
• English Language
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social Studies
• Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
• Art and Craft
• Health & Physical Education (HPE)
• Music
• STEM with a focus on Robotics and Coding
• Inter-disciplinary Project Work (IPW)
• Chinese
• DynEd English Competency Programme (DynEd) -
from Year 3
Year 6 – 8
• English
• Mathematics
• Science
• Global Perspectives
• Music
• Health & Physical Education (HPE)
• Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
• Chinese
• STEM with a focus on Robotics and Coding
• DynEd English Competency Programme (DynEd)
Cambridge AS / A Levels
• English Language
• English Literature
• Mathematics
• Sociology
• Biology
• Economics
(Subjects offered may be subject to
Core Subjects
• Developing English Language
• Skills
• English for Academic Purposes
• Advanced English Language Skills
• Study and Communication Skills
• Culture Studies
• Foundation Mathematics
Elective Subjects (Choice of two units in
one stream)
• Introduction to Computer Science
• Introduction to Programming
• Introduction to Business
• Introduction to Accounting and
• Further Mathematics
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
Cambridge IGCSE
• English
• Mathematics
• Coordinated Science
• Business Studies
• Global Perspectives
• Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
Additional Subjects
• DynEd English Competency Programme (DynEd)
• Chinese
• Health & Physical Education (HPE)
(Subjects offered may be subject to change)
(*) Vietnamese students enrolled in the International Programme are required to take compulsory Vietnamese
lessons apart from the above subjects.
COMPULSORY FEES – Please refer to ANNEX 1