Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome everybody to the 2019 – 2020 School Year. Our school is continuing to grow and I would like to thank all of the new and existing families for choosing SIS BDNC. We are an English speaking international school and by choosing our school we hope to equip your children with the knowledge and skills to succeed in opportunities with further study at local universities or pathways or English speaking universities abroad.

This year our school will be focusing on the teaching of reading. We have developed a comprehensive school wide reading program that will assist students with phonemic awareness (sounds), phonics (letter sound relationships), vocabulary (knowing the meaning of words), fluency (being able to decode words and read smoothly) and comprehension (understanding what they are reading).

We have some new facilities in the school with the construction of a new basketball court. This will be a great resource for students and will be welcomed into our Physical Education programs. The primary court yard has also experienced and upgrade.

We are further exploring the opportunity for new facilities and the potential for new buildings. Continued growth will hopefully make this a viable option in the very near future.

Christopher Bradley